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Best Cooking Classes in Kolkata- Explore the chef within you…

Best Cooking Classes in Kolkata- Explore the chef within you…


Best Cooking Classes in Kolkata- Explore the chef within you!

JBL, a renowned hospitality consultant, set up their cooking academy in the bustling area of Gariahat in Kolkata in November 2010. The academy happens to be the baby of 2 cooking maestros – Chef Chiradeepand Chef Riju. What sets the academy apart is the course pattern and the ambience. These 2 factors act as differentiators for the academy and recognises it amongst its contemporaries. The faculty and the staff at the academy are extremely well equipped with the necessary skillset and the art of cooking. The learning experience too has a personal touch to it.


JBL Academy


Foodkraft – The Culinary Academy

Food Kraft has gained immense acknowledgment for its efficient and effective training sessions. Calcutta-based Mrs. Payal Bhatia (who runs Foodkraft) has been highly appreciated by her clients and recognized by various news papers and magazines. Payal Bhatia teaches very young kids to make salads or sandwiches, while older children learn to make dishes like pasta. What’s being taught in the class also often depends on the age group of the students. Foodkraft teaches children and adults to cook. For younger kids who are only about five it’s more about an assembly that does not involve the use of fire. Tossing a salad, a sandwich or layering a dessert is what most of them learn at the classes. Older children learn to put together dishes like lasagna or pasta.




A to Z Cooking

Very good cooking class for beginners as even the basics are taught. They teach a variety of dishes. Everything is demonstrated and explained very clearly. Classes include Chocolate making, Cake & Baking, Dessert Making, Micro Oven Cooking, Chinese & Pan Asian Cooking. Taught in a homely environment, by Niti Sodhani, a professional chef, the cooking classes are well appreciated by learners.




Modern Art of Cooking

Modern Art of Cooking, is a homegrown culinary school which hold regular cooking classes to enrich the citizens of Kolkata with a the aroma of cooking the basic ingredient for a person to survive in a very easy and compact way at a reasonable price. They provide practical instructions and guidance on food nutritions and basic culinary techniques to those people who are from different ages and cultures; fundamentals of cooking for the beginners, cuts of vegetables and meat, authentic bengali and indian food preparation, specialist in fusion foods. They provide culinary teachings to clients from all sectors and regions namely- For Beginners, Those who are caught in the cycle of cooking the same thing again and again and want to make experiment new things, People who are busy and want to prepare nutritious meals at a very short duration, And for those who recreate themselves by preparing and learning new recipes from different regins of India and abroad. Fundamentals of cooking for the beginners, cuts of vegetables and meat,authentic bengali and indian food preparation,specialist in fusion foods


cooking class


Mrs Alim Classes

Mrs Alim Classes offers International Cookery Bakery Course in which participants learn about different types of Food Cuisines in a proficient manner. Her cooking classes are one of the best and most famous in Kolkata. Her extensive research on herbs and spices makes it easy for her to convert the tastes and fragrances to suit Indian palates, always checking for the availability of the spices in India or making suitable changes according to the taste, need and availability. Hundreds of ladies have found happiness at home through this medium and scores of them have found success in the world. Her specialty is her easy to cook recipes with fabulous presentation styles.


best cooking classes in kolkata